• 16 January 2019
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About the Institute

 About the Institute


The Institute of Finance is committed to developing the workforce in the Saudi financial sector in line with the Vision 2030, the aspirations and objectives of the Financial Sector Development Program, the Saudi Arabian Monetary Agency's strategy for banking and insurance, and financing companies and the CMA's strategy for capital markets. The Institute of Finance offers a variety of learning and development solutions that provide professionals, both beginners and experienced, with the relevant knowledge and skills in the banking and financial sector to improve performance and deepen capabilities.


Our Partners

The Institute of Finance aims to provide best-in-class professional development opportunities for the Saudi market. to achieve that, the Institute partners with a large array of providers serving complementary purposes, including qualifications offering, training content creation, training programs delivery, quality assurance and recognition. By adapting such strategy, the Institute benefits from local, regional and international partners to better serve present and future needs.​​


Our team

 Institute's ​staff consists of professionals who are keen to meet the needs of learning and professional development in the financial sector in the Kingdom.


• Excellence
• Focus on people
• Innovation
• Lifelong learning
• Flexibility


Our goal

Empowering financial sector employees by encouraging professional and career excellence to contribute to the development of the sector and the establishment of high-level practices.

Our Objectives
    • Support the advancement of the financial sector in Saudi Arabia by delivering effective and innovative talent development solutions and technology for sector professionals.
    • Instill trust in the sector through internationally recognized, locally adapted  learning and development solutions that promote professional excellence and ethical practice.
  • Develop professional standards, certifications, and customized content to serve various learning and training needs of sector professionals and facilitate their career development.
  • Increase the capabilities of financial sector professionals in priority areas by developing and delivering specialized programs to address knowledge and competency gaps.
  • Enable lifelong learning and strengthen relationships with the sector leaders and professionals to support collective efforts for continuous human capital development through research and events.
  • Build and maintain an agile institute operating model, responsive to sector needs and emerging trends, while fulfilling its various roles through an efficient and financially sustainable delivery model, and leveraging international alliances with top financial learning and development partners.